Want to Focus on Specific Short-term Projects, Instead?

SkyePaks enable businesses to implement initiatives such as messaging, product launches and product and business announcements, media initiatives, social media, SEO and SEM programs, or trade show support. Skye executes SkyePak projects with the same level of strategic counsel, services and execution that we provide in our on-going agency relationships.

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Competitor Communication Analysis & Reports can be instrumental in developing your company’s overall communications strategy internally, externally and online. They give both you and Skye a comprehensive understanding of how you stack up against your competition, and how to improve communications with your audience, peers and investors with an integrated marketing approach.

Corporate/Product Presentation Analysis enables you to hit brand and messaging home runs with customers, analysts the first time out. Skye works with a handful of select analysts and industry consultants to review, critique and (if necessary) re-craft your presentations to ensure that they hit the key points and value messages.

News Rooms are a key information source. The News Room is a resource for press, analysts, stakeholders and customers to learn about your business. A press room includes key elements such as web-optimized press releases and linked press coverage, covering product releases, partnership news, awards, speaking engagements, and events, as well as a corporate backgrounder and fact sheets. Skye helps you to construct your News Room, using an optimized mix of text, graphics, and video, as well as distribution links such as RSS feed.

Newsletters are a communication and measurement tool that allows businesses to regularly distribute value added news, company and business information to target customers. Newsletters maintain contact with existing customers; and recipients often forward them to others. Skye can implement your newsletter program.

Press Releases developed with an eye for distribution through traditional channels; social media outlets, direct outbound marketing, SEO and online publications are still one of the most effective tools for communications. At Skye, we craft press releases that communicate your value propositions and key messages to maximum effect. We help your target customers to understand who you are, what you do, and why it is important to them.

Product Launches are critical to a company’s success. Skye works with clients through all the stages of a launch, from key messages to internal and external communication strategies and tactics that achieve maximum product awareness. These include pre-launch activity, which conditions the market, editors, and analysts; launch events at national, regional, or local level; post-launch activity that help sales forces to exploit the launch, using social media outlets, press releases, and advertising and other forms of customer communication.

Public Relations and Social Media 101 educates you about how the power of public relations and communications can help you, and what it really takes to execute.  Most new companies know that they need such communication, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Skye shows you how.

Sales Lead Programs can be effective – if done right. Skye leverages its relationships with leading sales lead generation companies to help you create effective, lead generation programs.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Public Relations develops and implements key word integration to simplify web search, via a glossary of words and phrases. Skye develops consistent search engine optimized public relations that can result in increased web site traffic, higher ranking, and inbound linking that can help drive sales.

Social Media Strategies are not for everyone. However, when included as a tool in the integrated marketing mix, they can be effective in building your brand, initiating customer conversations, and establishing a leadership image. Skye examines your needs and your market, audience and competitors to create the most effective social media strategy.

Webinar Development and Management enables you to communicate directly with your target audience, and can lead to sales. Skye partners with leading web communications companies to help you develop the tools and materials for a high impact webinar.

White Papers/Contributed Articles are prime targets for buyers seeking information and education. Skye’s technical writers create effective white papers and contributed articles on technology, methodology, and application successes.